Banquet hall

Any event will leave a lot of vivid and positive memories, if performed in an appropriate setting. Banquet ARUS is designed just for this type of event. The interior of this room is able to be transformed beyond recognition, adjusting to the style of a particular event. Anniversaries, weddings, banquets, private and corporate parties, business presentations and conferences - all this, and not only that, you can successfully take place in the banquet hall ARUS!

Banquet hall in restaurant «ARUS»

This banquet hall is part of the hotel complex of the capital ARUS. Located in the central sector of Chisinau, this complex is hidden from the city noise, but at the same time to get here very easily. A few minutes drive separate from the main highways ARUS central part of the municipality, which is certainly convenient to residents of all areas of the city.


The private area of the complex offers a cozy pastime. There are a lot of things, than do not have other banquet halls of Chisinau. Relaxing ambiance, a varied menu and consistently high level of service make this the banquet hall is actually a restaurant. The territory is well protected, allowing visitors to enjoy a banquet hall ARUS event to the fullest.


Typically, each event invite guests from abroad. For such guests ARUS restaurant offers special prices for accommodation at the hotel, which is part of our complex. Thus, your guests will not have to worry about the place of residence before the holiday and afterwards.


We should also talk about the interior of the premises. His light classical forms are converted perfectly to the style of celebration held here, which allows you to feel the atmosphere of the event is celebrated to the fullest. Any holiday will be marked with brighter, more beautiful, more impressive, when appropriately designed, and a ballroom. Rent all the necessary attributes for this is stipulated in the preparation of the future triumph.


Talking about the features of the institution, not hurt to pay attention to one important point. The hotel complex includes ARUS known and popular among gourmet restaurant. Banquet ARUS is an integral part of this complex, and the service here, respectively, at the level of high-class establishments.


The hall is equipped with the necessary appliances at such events. If necessary, they can be held and music performers from the institution or the customer. There are also other services. Undoubtedly, ARUS hall rental will charge the customer a lot of trouble for the preparation, design and implementation of an important and solemn event.


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