Conferences and business meetings

The organization of conferences, symposia, seminars, presentations and other types of business meetings has become a tradition for many modern companies. Proper organization of these activities, the prevailing atmosphere to them and the level of comfort is largely influenced by the importance of the issues raised and the effectiveness of decisions. Room for business meetings ARUS offers its own opportunities for various business events.

Conference hall of the «ARUS» restaurant

ARUS complex, which includes a hall for business events, is located in the central part of Chisinau. Despite the availability minute busiest urban highways, to the territory of the complex almost no city noise penetrates. Businessmen and managers of various organizations periodically conduct their business activities here, appreciating the convenient location of the meeting room.


The hall can accommodate an audience of 50 to 150 people. Under each activity placement of furniture and interior decoration are selected individually, so the audience never feels tightness or excessive space. Variants of registration of premises is largely dependent on the nature of the business of the meeting, its goals and direction. conference room Administration ARUS always will have the necessary support, both in the design of the design of the upcoming event, and to equip it with the necessary technical means.


Hall has a very good acoustics, contributing to a clear transmission of audio information without distortion. There is a special stage for the speaker, clearly visible from various places in the room. Microphones, large screen, powerful video projector and other related event equipment available room in advance. The room kept at a constant comfortable temperature, air conditioned.


During the presentations and some business meetings, especially long time, the business program smoothly flows into a business lunch. Chef ARUS restaurant will pleasantly surprise guests of the event with culinary delights. Menu in the event data is worked out taking into account the compliance with appropriate business style. Organized and extra coffee breaks.


Business event held in the conference hall of the ARUS, remembered not only literate conduct, but also the special comfort that promotes the brightest memories!


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